cross country moving services truckMoving across the country is such a tremendous undertaking. It is virtually impossible to do it on your own because the sheer amount of work is overwhelming. Luckily, cross country movers can help you out and turn a daunting prospect into a manageable task.

Hiring the best cross country moving company

Moving long distance requires serious prep work. Perhaps the first thing to do is to find the right cross country move company. An important distinction to remember about is that not every moving company is authorized to provide cross country moving service. Only interstate movers who hold a license issued by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration can transport your possessions across the country.


Choosing the Right Online Cross Country Movers Platform can help you find the most reputable cross country moving companies that are famous for their customer service. Just fill out a short form and get free quotes right away.

A good rule of thumb is to request quotes from at least three cross country moving services and compare what they have to offer. This is probably the best way to make an educated decision and ensure a great moving experience.

So we already know that the easiest way to move across country is to hire the cross country movers. Some of the best tips to find credible professionals are:

  • do check if they are licensed. Use the US DOT number of the company to find it on the official website of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Do not sign with a company that does not hold a valid license – should things ever go wrong during the journey, you will not be able to make a claim and expect a fair resolution;
  • find customer reviews. Review websites like Yelp provide unsolicited reviews and long distance moving experience of your peers can be invaluable when making your decision;
  • do not quickly trust companies that offer low prices. This could be one of the early signs that the so-called movers across country are actually fraudsters. Cross country moves cannot be super cheap by definition;
  • sign up with the company that offers good insurance options. Accidents can happen anytime: when shipping a piano for moving or moving furniture cross country;
  • do not pay a large deposit. All companies have their invoicing cycles but reputable movers will not ask for large upfront payments. Additionally, make sure if you can check out your belongings upon delivery and before paying to see if anything is damaged. Again, professional cross country movers understand their customers’ concerns and do not try to capitalize on them.


I have found cross country movers: what to do next?

If the research stage is finally over and you are 100% sure that your cross country move will be attended with all the dedication and professionalism you expect, the time has come to finalize your agreement with that company.

Contact them to book your cross country moving. That done, congratulations – one of the most challenging stages is over!

Packing Services

Now, you will have to start packing your belongings so that a moving company will be able to ship your stuff cross country.

Go through your possessions and get rid of things that you no longer need. They will eat up valuable space and drive up the costs. Move your items into separate rooms: one room for old stuff, the other for packing.

Note that if you order packing services, it is up to you to dispose of the old things. A cross country moving company will pack what you tell them to pack so imagine ordering them to unpack and repack to get rid of the old frying pan!

Shipping Services

On the big day, the movers will load your belongings and get them delivered to your new home. Remember to sort out your utilities (gas, water, electricity, cable TV, etc.) so the providers can stop charging you. Notify your bank, credit card company, US postal office, insurance company and a local DMV office about the change of address. Cancel your magazine subscriptions and redirect them to your new address.

Lastly, check out our resources for even more valuable info on how to make your cross country move smooth without breaking your budget. Plus, remember that you can request a quote from leading cross country movers.