About Us

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LongDistanceMoving.com was established by industry experts who really know what to look for in great moving companies. Their expert advice ensures that you are choosing from among the best in the business.

We started our company in 1999 with a small group of industry professionals who had worked their way up the ladder in the long distance moving industry. We started as helpers, then became drivers, foremen, dispatchers, and managers before going into business together as owners.

You see, it seemed to us that we had seen all of the ways that moving companies offered great and not-so-great service to their customers. And all of those experiences gave us a unique perspective that we could bring to helping customers find the truly great, reliable moving companies that could make their long-distance move a pleasure instead of a chore.

We know that there are many pieces that all have to properly fit together to make a seamless and hassle-free experience for the customer. The companies we recommend have to have the right licenses and insurance. They have to give accurate estimates. They have to arrive on-time, both for pickup and delivery. They have to pack your items securely so that they arrive at your new home in pristine condition. Perhaps most importantly, they have to be courteous and professional in the way that they conduct themselves in your home and around your family.

We also know that you care about cost, so we work with many different movers at many different price points to ensure that your move is professional and efficient but still fits your budget without sacrificing quality.

Fill out our quote finder and get started. We’ll ask a few questions, then we will set to work searching our database of the best moving companies nationwide. Since we are from the industry, we know the industry, and we have the contacts and connections to find the best prices and ensure your satisfaction. So let’s get moving with LongDistanceMoving.com.