Find the Right State to State Moving Companies

LDM is a moving company always near meOver the years, you’ve probably made many moves. Perhaps you moved to a big-boy or big-girl room and packed your favorite stuffed toys in a box for the trip. Perhaps you packed your clothes and books in the back of a pickup truck to transport to various dorm rooms and apartments during college. Perhaps you’ve helped friends haul sofas and televisions between apartments as a young adult.


Now, however, you’re facing your first big, state-to-state or long distance move. The whole game has changed. Now you have more furniture, more clothes, more books. In short, more of everything. And now you probably have “good” dishes, expensive electronics, and more, and moving day is starting to look a little intimidating.

Relax. We’ve got it covered. At we have the right moving company for your next relocation, whether you are moving to a new state or across the country. And our network of professional movers can ensure a safe and stress-free move, no matter where that new job or new opportunity leads you.

Moving Services Before and After

Think moving is just about loading and unloading the truck? There are so many things to take into account, especially for a long distance relocation. When you are transporting items over many miles, you have to take special care with packing and preparation. Fortunately, our professional packers can ensure that everything arrives safe and sound. Our professional movers offer:

  • Professional quality packing supplies
  • On-site packing before the truck arrives to secure your items
  • Unpacking at your destination to ensure you get organized quickly
  • Haul-away of packing boxes and supplies


These professional moving services help you rest easy knowing that all of your precious items are taken care of throughout the moving process.

How do long-distance movers differ?

Think all you need is a truck and a couple of burly guys? While that might have worked in college, a long-distance move requires another level of service and professionalism that you just can’t find with an amateur operation. That’s why our nationwide network of professional movers are on call to help you plan and execute your state-to-state move.

Because long-distance moves are more complex, the regulations and requirements are more complex as well. The professional movers we recommend have passed our rigorous pre-screening process, and meet all of the standards for long-distance moving companies.

These requirements include, but are not limited to:

  • Registration with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration
  • Higher Amounts of vehicle and liability insurance
  • Higher Amounts of Worker’s Compensation coverage
  • A U.S. Department of Transportation Number for compliance with inspection and safety regulations

All of these elements help ensure that your move is handled with highest degree of professionalism and service and that you and your valuables are protected before, during, and after moving day.

American Household Moving Company at Your Service

What would you pay for the level of service we provide? What is your peace of mind worth? What is it worth to you to ensure the safe and successful move you want and deserve? At, our service comes at no cost to you ever. You provide us with the details of your move and we provide you with up to six quotes in just minutes. Then you compare the pre-screened providers we supply and choose the mover who best meets your needs.

Fill out the Quote Finder at our website, or call 800-595-6105 for your free, no-obligation quote to get started. Whether you are moving for a new job, new opportunity, or a fresh start for your family in a dream location, at we do all the work, you reap all of the rewards.