How to Find Movers to Handle Your Relocation Needs Efficiently

moving help is important for some

When the prospect of getting ready for moving keeps you awake for many nights in a row, the time has come to find movers and outsource the most backbreaking, tedious and daunting work.

Moving companies can do all the heavy lifting for you – and, indeed, you are going to need every extra hand to help you out. We put together some useful tips that will come in handy when planning your local move.


Hiring Movers vs. Self-Move

Self-move is a popular option since it lets you save lots of your relocation budget. However, in many cases self-move is just too overwhelming for you to manage it. Moving out of a studio might be doable on your own but a 2+ bedroom house can give you a very hard time, especially if you are moving long distance.

That is when you would want to hire a moving company as they can help with virtually everything:


Not everyone has time to do the packing on their own, especially if moving out from a big house. So moving labor company can pack your things for you. Interestingly, many of them will not require you to buy their packing materials but use the ones you provide. This is an excellent way to save some money as you can get plenty of free cardboard boxed from a nearby shop. This is not to mention the fact that movers can get everything packed within a few hours, while you can stuck with it for days.


Loading is a backbreaking labor you might not have the ability to undertake. Order moving helpers to take care of this. They can load your stuff into a trailer, rental truck or storage container for you. The most beautiful part is that they know all the tricks to load items in a way that would maximize the storage space and so more stuff can make its way into a single truck. Just imagine how muchmoney you can save on fuel now that you do not have to use transport numerous times.

Another benefit is that moving helpers have moving equipment like floor dollies or hand trucks needed to load the items into the trucks or containers. No more heavy lifting for you!


Disassembling, moving and assembling the furniture

young couple moving the couch in new flat
Moving furniture on your own is not always a great fun

Moving furniture is such a pain – these bulky, custom-shaped items do not seem to fit into any of the trucks you rented. Do not worry, though, as professional movers handled thousands of seemingly impossible cases and will handle yours for sure. They can disassemble, move and assemble your furniture in the new place.

Providing you with quality packing materials

Some items like works of art or precious paintings will require something more reliable than free cardboard boxes from the local shops. Hire moving helpers to pack your valuables with the right packing materials that will help your belongings endure the journey and prevent damage.


Unloading furniture, household items and countless boxes is never easy. If you need to unload freight trucks or storage containers, moving helpers will be irreplaceable. And while your friends can help you load your stuff, unloading it in a new city where you hardly know anyone is challenging. Moving help will not be a whim but a necessity. Also, movers have the necessary moving equipment to unload items.

So if the time, not the cost, is a priority for you, finding professional movers to do the bulk of work is probably the best way out.


How professional movers will handle your order

  1. The movers will send an agent to your home to make an inventory of the belongings you want to move. The agent will make notes of what is to be packed and loaded. Professional agent will carefully examine items like closets and drawers as these will provide additional room for storage. Bulky items, custom-shaped possessions and valuables like works of art, musical instruments, china, etc. should be handled with extra planning and care.
  2. Having reviewed your belongings, a labor moving company will provide you with a sheet breaking down the weight of each item and totaling the overall cost of moving them. The total cost will also incorporate factors like labor costs, packing materials and additional services.
  3. On the day of leaving, your movers will arrive to load your possessions. Based on your agreement, they might get your stuff packed a few days earlier. Depending on the services you ordered, movers can pack, load, unload and unpack your belongings.

Do not expect, however, that your movers will deal with your old belongings – it is up to you to decide what to do with them (for example, discard, sell on Craigslist, donate to a local charity, etc.).

As you can see, a moving company does pretty much everything for its customers. To make sure you have a freedom of choosing the best option, contact at least three or four companies to get their quotes and cost estimation.

You can use a website like to get free quotes from the most credible and professional moving companies.


Factors affecting the cost moving helpers charge:

  • Home size and an amount of space. Obviously, the larger your home and the more possessions you own, the costlier it is going to be to relocate. For this reason, carefully think what you can discard or sell before moving.
  • Driving time. Local move will not break your budget but the driving time is one of the factors that can push the price up.
  • Elevator vs. stairs. Oftentimes, movers will have to carry your belongings quite a long way and this can significantly increase the cost of moving. Likewise, having to carry items up the stairs will cost more than delivering them to your place using an elevator.

Hire professional moving help to take off the strain of your relocation. With so many options on the market, you can always find a great business with friendly pricing to help you with one of the biggest arrangements in your life.