What Can Full Service Movers Do for You

full service movers in usaFull service movers might be exactly what you need to make your relocation seamless and hassle-free. Contrary to the common stereotype, full move services are not necessarily overly expensive and unaffordable to most people.

A full service moving company delivers a remarkable range of moves services. You are left with literally nothing to worry about. Take a closer look at what it can do for you below.


Full home checkup

Professional movers do not commit to anything over the phone or email. They arrive at your place and thoroughly inspect the belongings you wish to move. They should make an inventory list and weigh each item to determine the total cost of moving.

Insurance options

No relocation can be safe without insurance. This is especially true when you are moving a long distance. Moving companies provide minimal liability programs but they are not enough to secure your belongings. The importance of proper insurance grows exponentially if you are a lucky owner of valuables such as precious china, paintings or works of art.

A credible full service mover will offer you a Full Value Protection program. It is up to you to use it, though, as you can buy insurance from any other insurance company you prefer.

Evaluating risk

Moving can turn into a risky undertaking any minute. The more informed you are about possible risks, the better you can prepare and react should something goes wrong. But it is hard to seize all pitfalls on your own – so that is what your movers should do for you.

A lot of your household items will require more thorough move packing due to their fragility or value. Professional movers will make a list of these items and make sure to find proper packing materials to secure your possessions.

Likewise, they will check out your house for small windows, narrow corridors and doorways, etc. which can cause lots of hassle on a moving day.


Estimating costs

An agent with the full service move company you contacted will provide you with a spreadsheet detailing the moving costs. It is a good idea to contact several companies to get their estimates and compare their conclusions. You can get a free full service moving quote using a website like LongDistanceMoving.com.


From delivering you quality packing materials to neatly packing your belongings – full services moving guys can do everything.

The benefit of having pros pack your stuff is that they can maximize the space and efficiently organize your possessions which is especially valuable when loading them.

Assembling and disassembling furniture

If you have been worrying sick about how to move that lovely huge wardrobe of yours, do not fret. Full service moving companies can handle this professionally. They can disassemble your furniture, pack it properly to ensure that separate elements will not be broken down and then assemble it in your new place.

Moving equipment

Most of us have no idea what floor dollies or hand trucks are but they are irreplaceable when moving possessions out of homes. The bulky items that you were so worried about will be efficiently carried out and safely loaded onto the trucks with the help of these tools.

Delivering, unpacking and discarding packing materials

Once your possessions are packed and loaded, the full moving service company will ship and deliver them to your new place. The movers will then unpack your things and carry them into your home. You can even order your movers to dispose of the packing materials which would otherwise pile in the backyard for weeks before you have a chance to discard them.