5 Best Interstate Moving Companies: 2023 Updated

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Moving interstate requires careful planning. Hiring a moving company can make the process quicker, easier, and (depending on the services you use) more affordable than attempting a self-service move.

Finding a reliable interstate moving company is crucial if your move is to go smoothly. The best companies have the right registration to cross state lines, good customer reviews, and a transparent booking/pricing policy, with no hidden moving fees. 

At longdistancemoving.com, we compare quotes from the best interstate moving companies to give you instant prices for moving cross country. We’re experts in knowing what to look for in the best moving company and we know which movers always come out on top (based on price, specialty services, and company reviews).

Keep reading to learn our top five best interstate moving companies 2023. 


Who are the Best Interstate Movers?

At longdistancemoving.com, we keep up to date on the best interstate moving companies in the US to deliver you instant online quotes from experts. Based on our 2023 analysis, here are the top five best interstate movers for you.

  1. Van Lines Inc

With 23 years of experience, Van Lines Inc. is a proven leader in the moving industry. Offering the entire suite of long-distance moving services, from storage facilities to expert packing, Van Lines Inc. caters to both residential and commercial interstate moves. 

With easy online booking systems and flat rate pricing, these reliable interstate movers have a clear booking and pricing policy. The team at Van Lines Inc. come highly rated. Employees take pride in customer satisfaction and work efficiently with customers right until the last item is placed in the home.

Included services:

  • Residential, commercial, and corporate moves
  • Flat rate estimates
  • Secure short and long-term storage services
  • Nationwide moving services
  • Screened and trained employees
  • Full packing services
  • Easy booking service
  1. Moving APT

Moving APT is another one of the best interstate moving companies in the US. The team has perfected its practices and policies over 20 years to offer you a professional, hassle-free moving service. They offer detailed moving quotes with full transparency about how your move has been costed, with no hidden fees. 

Moving APT cater to every interstate move, from personal to business, and offer a range of add-on services, including the careful removal of special items (like pianos and porcelain antiques) and packing services. Choose between a range of insurance policies and financing options, with a money-back guarantee if any items are damaged in transit.


Included services:

  • Nationwide moving services
  • Free moving advice, guides, and checklists
  • Vetted drivers and moving trucks
  • Detailed moving quotes
  • Full-service packing
  • Special item moving service
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Flexible financing
  • Variable insurance policies
  1. Mayflower Moving

Serviced at over 500 locations across the US, Mayflower Moving is another reliable interstate moving company that comes highly rated. Supporting with local, long-distance, and international moves, the team at Mayflower helps with every aspect of planning your move and getting possessions from A-B safely.

Offering packing, unpacking, storage, and debris removal services, the team has a solution that makes your move quick, simple, and budget-friendly. To offer the best customer service, Mayflower Moving has been constantly adapting to offer new technologies and services over the last 100 years of operation.

Included services:

  • Personalized moving plan
  • Local, national, and international moving services
  • Variable quotes for small, medium, and large-scale moves
  • Residential, commercial, and military moving services
  • Vehicle shipping services
  • Additional services, including packing/unpacking, loading, short and long-term storage services, and junk removal
  1. Arpin Van Lines

The award-winning Arpin Van Lines moving company is another one of our best interstate moving companies 2023. Providing free and accurate online moving quotes with no hidden fees, getting your move costed is quick and simple. Dedicated to customer satisfaction, the team at Arpin Van Lines aims to exceed your expectations from the moment you enquire until the last box is unloaded.

Moving over 14,000 families every year, Arpin Van Lines comes highly reviewed by residential interstate movers. Full coverage protection of items ensures your possessions are loaded safely. Replacement or full repair of items damaged in transit is also a standard policy.

Included services:

  • National and international moving services
  • Personalized moving survey and estimate (available virtually or in person)
  • Free moving guides, videos, planners, and resources
  • Wrapping, packing, and unpacking services available (including packing supplies)
  • Special assistance for hard-to-move items (including pianos, boats, grandfather clocks, antiques, pool tables, workout equipment, large appliances, RVs, motorcycles, etc.)
  1. United Van Lines

United Van Lines is an expert moving company with experience relocating over a million customers across the US. Using the latest technology, the team aims to offer a service that’s seamless and unforgettable. Additional services offered mean United Van Lines can cater to even the most complex of moves.

Covering local moves, corporate relocations, international transits, and long-distance moves, every service comes highly rated by previous customers. Using their 90 years of experience, the team endeavors to provide pre-move planning and packing advice to every customer to facilitate preparations for moving day.

Included services:

  • Corporate and residential moving services
  • Local, national, and international moves
  • Additional services, including packing and loading services, unpacking, storage services, and debris removal


What is an Interstate Move?

An interstate move is classed as any move that crosses state lines. The terms “interstate move” and “long-distance move” are often used interchangeably, but there is a key difference between the two. 

Miles traveled doesn’t matter when referring to an interstate move, but it’s important when referring to a long-distance move. 

For example, a long-distance move is considered any move over 400 miles. This may not necessarily be an interstate move if no state lines are crossed in the process. Interstate moves include any relocation that crosses states, so it could only be a couple of miles away, but classes as an interstate move.

The difference between interstate moves and long-distance moves is important when hiring full-service moving companies. A license is required to transfer both residential and commercial possessions across state lines, so you should hire an interstate long-distance mover with the right registrations. 

Hiring an unregulated moving company is illegal and means any insurance claims will be invalid if your possessions are lost, damaged, or stolen in transit.


How Do You Know if a Moving Company is Good?

Few things will tell you if an interstate moving company is good. Firstly, reputable interstate moving companies will have the right registration to transport possessions across states. 

Check the company details on the FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) website to ensure the right license is held.

Other things that prove a moving company is legitimate are when they are upfront about their pricing strategy (with no hidden costs in the quote), they have reputable moving insurance policies (for if your items are lost or damaged in transit), and there are highly rated customer reviews on independent websites.

Be wary of companies that don’t have an official website, booking system, customer service representative, or contract. A business operating without terms and conditions can leave you open to losses if something happens to your items or delays take place during transit.

What is the Number One Moving Company in the US?

Our team frequently researches the number one moving company in the US to display accurate quotes from the best moving companies. 

Our top five interstate moving companies are:

  1. Van Lines Inc.
  2. Moving APT
  3. Mayflower Moving
  4. Arpin Van Lines
  5. United Van Lines

Is it Better to Use a Moving Broker or a Moving Company?

a large white interstate moving company truck driving along a road with mountains

Generally, it’s better to use a moving company rather than a moving broker (also known as a relocation group). Long-distance movers usually have more direct experience transporting possessions across state lines. 

Because moving companies have their own moving trucks, staff, equipment, and administration team, the process is often more seamless for the person or family that’s moving. 

It’s also cheaper, since you’re dealing directly with the company and not via a third-party (who charges extra fees to book the move). Use our moving cost calculator to determine how much your move can cost. 

The key difference between a moving company and a moving broker is that a moving company is a mover and a broker is not. Moving companies deliver the actual service of transporting your possessions, whereas a broker simply books the service with a moving company. 

This can save you administration work and ensure you book a long-distance move with a reliable company. However, a premium will be charged for the service and, if something goes wrong, it can take longer to get a resolution when you’re not dealing with the company directly.

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