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Remember your first long distance move? You probably packed a few boxes for your first college dorm room or first apartment. Maybe you borrowed a friend’s truck or SUV and asked a few pals to help you move to your new place. Probably the most difficult thing you had to carry in was a mattress or a sofa. Then afterward, you bought everyone pizza as a thank you and called it a day.

As you got older, you acquired more Stuff: more furniture, more dishes, more clothes. More electronics and game consoles. Then you married and had kids and the Stuff multiplied with toys and four-wheelers and a workshop and a home office and gardening equipment and the list goes on. And on. And now you’ve just gotten your big break or that great new promotion and the thought of having to move all of that Stuff is intimidating. And this time, it’s not just moving across town, it’s to the next state or across the country. How are you ever going to make this happen?

Relax. We’ve got this. We are and we specialize in finding the right long distance moving company for your upcoming long-distance move. We know that price is important, of course. But it’s more than that. All that Stuff that you’re moving isn’t just Stuff—it’s memories and favorite toys and irreplaceable heirlooms and it matters to you. And it matters to us, too.

At Long Distance Moving (.com) we want to help you find the right mover for your long distance move. Rather than choosing from all of the myriad companies out there, we narrow down your choices to the companies that are best suited for you, your area, and your needs. We only work with movers who we have pre-screened and vetted in order to ensure that they have the appropriate skills, licenses, and insurance. And because we are veterans of the moving industry, we know what to look for and what questions to ask in order to ensure that the movers we recommend meet our expectations, and yours.

A big move can be the beginning of an exciting adventure. Whether it is to take a new job or to live in a city, town, or landscape you have always dreamed of, your long distance move can mean a fresh new start for you and your family. Your long distance moving company can make a big difference in ensuring that this happy time is not marred by hiccups or hangups on moving day. It all starts with a great recommendation from a name you can trust: Then do your homework, ask the right questions, and prepare for a hassle-free long distance moving experience.

Why We Are Different from Other Moving Platforms

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We started our company in 1999 with a small group of industry professionals who had worked their way up the ladder in the long distance moving industry. We started as helpers, then became drivers, foremen, dispatchers, and managers before going into business together as owners.

What are some of the things that set great long distance movers apart? Here are five things you should look for as you are making your choice from among the stellar options we provide.

Due DiligenceIn-Person EstimatesSatisfaction GuaranteedSubcontracted servicesMoney Savers
Every moving company is required to give you a book called “Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move” if you are moving from one state to the other. Read it (it’s also available online) and follow the information there. Check your mover’s registration and insurance. Check the mover’s complaint history with the Better Business Bureau and consumer protection agencies through the FMCSA search tool database. Doing a little online sleuthing now may help you narrow the field before you start asking for estimates.

While your moving company may ask some questions over the phone in order to get a general idea of your needs and to ensure that you are included in their coverage area, they should never schedule your move or decide what materials and transport you need without coming out and seeing your home and belongings physically. They need to know not just how much they’ll be packing and putting on a truck, they also need to account for those extras like outdoor furniture and recreational equipment and materials. In addition, they need to see what your street and driveway are like so that they can determine the best approach to take when bringing the truck in and out. If you have a particularly tricky entry, that may even determine the type of transport they are able to use for your move.

What is your moving company’s policy when it comes to damage? How does this policy change depending on whether you pack and unpack or have them do so? Are there exceptions or dollar limits when it comes to more expensive items? Can they guarantee the replacement cost of an art piece, for example, or an antique or heirloom piece? What type of documentation will you need to provide in order to ensure compensation if something is damaged in transit? You need to know these things up front and have them in writing rather than trying to negotiate replacement costs while you are in an emotional state on moving day.

Does your moving company pick up, transport, and deliver your items cross-country itself or does it subcontract services through other moving companies? You don’t want to have your precious possessions on a truck halfway across the country and then find out that the people you thought you were hiring are no longer in the driver’s seat, literally. If they do subcontract, what assurances do they offer of the subcontractor’s competence? Do guarantees offered by your mover apply when the subcontractor is in possession of your items? Who provides compensation in case of damage or loss? You don’t want to be stuck in the middle between two companies fighting over who is going to pay.

Does your mover offer ways to help you control the costs of your long distance move? Are there certain days of the week that bring costs down? Can you bring boxed items to the front of your home or out to the garage in order to speed up the loading of the truck, and thus cut your hourly rates? A great long distance mover will be willing to work with you to help meet your needs and your budget.



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