How to Choose among the Best Interstate Moving Companies

truck in a sunset on a highwayRelocating to another state is a challenging and exciting experience. To succeed, you are going to need all the professional support you can get. That’s why you would probably like to scan several interstate moving companies to hire the best one to cater to your needs.

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Be mindful of the federal regulations

The requirements towards the interstate moving companies and packers are much stricter than towards the state ones. Obviously, this is caused by the fact that interstate moving companies face greater challenges such as long distances and different rights and responsibilities defined by different states.

It is essential to know about the government rules concerning long distance moving industry, for example:

  • Insurance. Interstate move providers must hold a valid insurance certificate which will help to minimize the risks associated with your packing and moving.
  • U.S. D.O.T. Number. This is a government-issued confirmation that an interstate moving company complies with the necessary regulations and is financially capable of delivering customer service according to the industry standards.
  • FMCSA registration. Since The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration demands that interstate moving companies have to update their licenses every two years, you should remember to check this out too.


Hiring an interstate moving company that will make you happy

Moving fast with interstate moving companiesIn a bustling marketplace, it is easy to get confused when trying to figure out which moving company has enough experience and resources to make your relocation hassle-free and cost-effective.

Consider the following when choosing your interstate mover:

  • check out the ratings of interstate moving companies online;
  • ask several providers for a spreadsheet with a cost estimation specifically for the size and weight of the belongings you need to move. Compare the costs and see which one does the best job of optimizing them;
  • make sure that your moving interstate is insured. A good moving company will offer a Full or Released Value Protection for its clients;
  • a good interstate moving company should offer you an In Transit Storage as oftentimes you might be coming to your new place later and will need to keep things safe until then.



How much does it cost to move interstate?

The price varies a lot and depends on the distance and the load (number of items and their weight) a lot. Can be anywhere between 2500 USD to 7000 USD, but can cost even more. The cost rises if you are ordering a full service company that will also do packing and even unpacking for you. But even then, it is recommended to pack pricey items totally by yourself.

You can always get a free estimate for your interstate move online. For instance, you can use the form above to get the first cost right to your email.

What are the best rated moving companies?

At the moment, we are recommending the following top 5 companies:

  1. North American Van Lines;
  2. Mayflower Van Lines;
  3. Allied Van Lines;
  4. Arpin Van Lines;
  5. Bekins Van Lines.

Otherwise, check our full list by the following link.

How do I find the best long distance movers?

You can either choose on our platform among the best national moving companies over here. Or just use our form and get the estimates to your email and choose based upon the quote and service provided. We pre-screen all the movers and never deal with brokers. Thus, you can rest assured that you’ll only get the best interstate movers quotes from the best US moving companies.

What is the cheapest way to move from state to state?

Perhaps the cheapest way would be to sell whatever you might not need or whatever is easier to buy in the new location rather than pay for moving and storage. Then if you pack and hire a truck and do everything by yourself – then it’s the cheapest solution if you are tight on a budget. If you are not, but just don’t want to pay more than it costs, then you can just use LDM platform (see the form above) to get the quotes to your email, compare and choose the best estimate as to your requirements. That would be easy and the process will not cost you any extra cent.


Can you negotiate with moving companies?

That’s what we actually do. On our platform, we constantly negotiate with interstate movers, checking their reliability. We make sure brokers are never in our database, but only reliable moving companies. However, you’ll have to choose which one you like the most and which one suits your needs the best yourself. Another way, is to choose a full service interstate moving company and make them organize everything.


There is so much to think over and do when relocating to the new state. Finding the interstate moving services is yet another challenging task that you do not have the time to handle – so we do that for you. Request a free quote right now and enjoy a seamless relocation!