Best Places to Relocate: Texas

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As part of our series on Best Places to Relocate, we present to you an always-popular destination for long-distance moves: Texas – The Lone Star State.

Bring me to best destinations for relocation in Texas straight away!

Dallas viewTexas is one of the most interesting and historically significant states in the country. Everything is bigger (and some would say better) in Texas. May be that is why it is a perennial favorite on best lists and one of the places where people are always moving.

Whether you are looking for cowboy swagger or big-city sophistication, this diverse and sprawling state offers a variety of places to live and enjoy.

From the hill country to the deserts to the coasts, Texas offers natural beauty and personality to spare. No wonder so many people look here when moving to a new area.

Moving to Texas: Pros and Cons


  • Houston park view downtownYou can live in a huge state which is unique from every point of view: historical, cultural or natural to name a few.
  • You can choose to relocate to a vibrant, bustling megacity and pursue a corporate career (lots of large corporations are headquartered here and offering good salaries) or move to charming small towns not far from the larger cities. The western part of Texas has lots of open land which can be used for agricultural purposes so you can open your farm.
  • Zero state income tax.
  • Good transport infrastructure including great highways and airports in Dallas and Houston.
  • High-quality education and interesting local culture.


  • Weather extremes. Summers are very hot and long especially in the southern parts of Texas. The northern territories can experience cold winters.
  • Storms and hurricanes especially in the spring time.
  • Depending on the local area you’re in, the landscape may be quite flat and dull.
  • The job market is very competitive given the high number of large companies offering good employment opportunities.


Moving to Texas: Things to Know

Driver’s license

New Texas residents have to get a Texas driver’s license and register their vehicles with the DPS. If you already hold a driver’s license issued by another US state, you will have to surrender it and apply for a Texas one. This should be done within ninety days after you’ve relocated to Texas.

Car registration

If you’re taking your car with you when relocating to Texas, you’ll have to register it within 30 days upon becoming a Texas resident. To register a car, you’ll need to hold car insurance, pass a car inspection and pay the fees.


Texas is a very liberal state, with fewer regulations and a greater individual freedom for everyone. As a result, recent years have seen lots of people (especially Californians) relocating here for a permanent residence.

So why’s everybody moving to Texas?

Texas’ main attraction is its vibrant job market which provides great opportunities to find a well-paid job. Besides, the cost of living is much lower than in other US states and there is no state income tax.

Moving to Texas: Checklist

  • Set a date and start saving for your relocation needs.
  • Find a good moving company to help you sort out packing and delivery.
  • Get yourself loads of cardboard boxes from the nearby shops.
  • Make a list of things you are going to take with you to Texas and the ones you are leaving behind.
  • Sell unnecessary items on Amazon or Craigslist.
  • Pack bulky items first and get your movers deliver them to your new place in Texas.
  • Separate the essentials and valuables you will take with you.
  • Get in touch with your bank, insurance company and employer to let them know about your relocation.
  • Cancel current subscriptions and register them with your new address.
  • Contact gas, water and electricity providers to cancel your contracts with them.
  • Submit a change of address form to the US Postal Service and the Internal Revenue Service.

Affordable Relocation Destination, TX

While cities like Dallas Fort Worth, Houston, and Austin are exciting, they can also be pricey. If you are looking for that Texas lifestyle on a budget, look no further.

Here are the ten safest, cheapest places to live in Texas


1. Georgetown

building close up in Georgetown Texas
Georgetown Texas architecture and tree

Located 25 miles north of exciting Austin, Georgetown is said to have the most beautiful town square in Texas.

It has a population of fewer than 50,000.

This charming town offers the arts and recreational activities of a much larger area. Couple that with a low crime rate, affordable real estate options, and a fun, community-centered lifestyle. You’ll find a lot of reasons to love this hill country hamlet.

2. Pflugerville

Also near downtown Austin, this town’s German heritage is a big part of its name and its community culture. The crime rate here is very low, and real estate is affordable. You may even feel like you’ve been here before—the TV series Friday Night Lights was filmed here.

Check out this picture-perfect town if you are looking to move to Texas.

3. Cedar Park

Looking for California weather in Texas?

Cedar Park’s average summer temperature is only 83 degrees. Here, you’ll enjoy the beautiful sunshine without that famous Texas heat.

In Cedar Park, you can have big-city amenities in this charming small town. You have access to affordable and beautiful real estate options, excellent schools, along with minor league NHL and NBA teams.

4. Salado

Salado is a very small town situated between Austin and Waco. It is very safe, scoring in the top 13% of all Texas cities. High income per capita couples with many attractive and affordable real estate options.

For historical interest, Salado was the site of part of the Chisholm Trail. There are 19 locations in this small village names on the National Register of Historical Places.


5. Round Rock

Round Rock is another suburb of Austin with a very low crime rate and a very low cost of living – 5% less than the national average.

Money magazine named it the seventh-best American small city in which to live. The only Texas town to make the Top 10.

Round Rock has excellent shopping and sites of scientific and historical interest. With a great public education system that regularly ranks among the best in the state, you’ll find Round Rock a great option for your Texas move.

6. Hutto

Located near Round Rock is Hutto, a city of approximately 15,000 people. If you are looking for a small town with one of those picturesque Main Streets, look no further.

Hutto looks like a movie set. Hutto boasts a very low crime rate and supremely affordable homes. Your dollar goes a long way here and could make Hutto the hometown of your dreams.

7. Whitehouse

Located southeast of Tyler, TX. The charming East Texas town of Whitehouse boasts low crime and friendly locals who will soon have you feeling right at home.

People here are proud of the history of their town. It even sponsors a YesterYear Celebration to educate residents about the community’s history. Schools here are among the most highly regarded in the region. One of the reasons why it’s drawing young families each year.

8. Cibolo

A short drive from lovely San Antonio is the community of Cibolo.

With picturesque views and unbelievably affordable real estate prices, this may be one of the best deals in Texas.

Cibolo is voted as one of the safest cities in Texas. It is also one of the most community-minded, with festivals and holiday celebrations throughout the year.

9. Meadows Place

Located on the outskirts of Houston and boasting an easy 25-minute commute for most residents is the small town of Meadows Place.

Cost of living here is well below the national average. Incomes are high due to the proximity of Houston’s many job opportunities.

With a local campus of the University of Houston and large recreational facilities, Meadows Place is an ideal town for young families and retirees alike.

10. League City

One of the larger cities on this list, League City is close to both Houston and Galveston. It offers an excellent education, high incomes, and great weather. It also has several waterside resorts that appeal to its Houston neighbors.

NerdWallet named League City the best city in Texas for job seekers, making it ideal for your move.

As you can see, Texas offers so many great options for safe and affordable neighborhoods. For sure you can’t wait to call this place home.

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