Best Places to Relocate: New York as a State

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As part of our series on best places to relocate, New York will always be one of the best! – The Empire State.

From upstate natural beauty to the excitement of the city, New York truly has it all. Maybe that is why it is a perennial favorite on best lists and one of the places where people are always moving.


Why and How to Move to New York

New York is like no other place in the world. This stands true when talking both about the New York City and New York as a state. So what could be the reasons to move here?

  • Awesome nature parks you won’t find elsewhere.
  • The climate is comfortable letting you experience every season of the year.
  • You can live either in a cosmopolitan New York City or smaller enchanting towns scattered across the state.
  • You can enjoy a well-developed transport infrastructure.
  • You can explore the US history reflected in iconic landmarks and historical buildings and sites.

Moving to New York is no different than moving to any other US state. Overall, this will depend whether you’re moving to New York City or a smaller city. The latter usually offers fewer transportation facilities but your moving company should take care of that anyway.

New York State is a very diverse environment. Visit it a couple of times to make sure it’s a place that would be just for you.

Relocating to New York with a family

niagara falls
Niagara is part of New York state – great travel idea for your family!

New York is an amazing place to raise a family. In New York City, the best neighborhoods for families are Kensington, Syosset, Jericho or Bronxville. Some other wonderful cities in the State of New York are Saratoga Springs, Albany, Troy and Kingston.

The major advice for families thinking about relocating to New York is to research the cost of living in different parts of the state. Saratoga Springs, for example, is a somewhat costlier place to live in but since the income is higher here, many choose it as their destination.

Also, make sure to compare ratings of schools across New York to decide which one your kids would attend. New York offers amazing educational opportunities and a big number of public and private schools, colleges and universities.

For those of you moving to New York alone, for example after graduating college, the opportunities are endless. The main challenge will be the cost of living especially if you are yet to find a job, but many student neighborhoods like Bronxville in New York City could be a viable option.

How much would it cost to move to New York?

The main factor driving your moving costs up is the distance. Obviously, the further you are located, the longer distance you (and your stuff) will have to take to get to a new place in New York so that will cost you more.

Generally, a combination of factors impacts your costs of moving to New York:

  • how much your moving company charges;
  • whether you buy boxes for packing or manage to get free ones from the local shops;
  • whether you start arranging things in advance (and therefore have more time to compare prices) or do everything as a last minute’s work;
  • the way you’re traveling to New York (by plane, by car, etc.);
  • whether you pack on your own or your moving company is doing that for you (note that some things (e.g., bulky items) need to be correctly packed. If they are not, the moving company may charge you for having to re-pack).

When people think about moving to New York, they probably think about moving to Manhattan or one of the outer boroughs. But for affordability, there are many great options throughout the state.

We’ll cover best places in and around NYC in another blog. For now, let’s look at the state as a whole.


Best Quality to Cost Ratio for Destinations in NY

We take into account cost of living as well as the quality of life. So, here are some excellent options for your move to New York.

1. Saratoga Springs

saragota springs racesAlthough it costs a little more to live in Saratoga Springs than in some areas, the median income is also higher here, offsetting the difference. That’s not to say, however, that there are not low-priced options here. The downtown area especially has condo options that are quite affordable.

Named for the mineral springs in the area, Saratoga is picture perfect. The area is home to many sporting event venues. One of them is the Saratoga Race Course which dates from the mid-1800s. There is also a local Polo Association and many golf course areas, both public and private.

There are spring houses all over town. Luxury spa treatments using the waters of the local mineral springs are available.

There is a large arts community in Saratoga. There are outdoor and indoor performing arts venues and many museums in the area. There is also an art district centered on Beekman Street, with galleries and restaurants. Yaddo, an important artist’s community, is also housed here near the race course.

2. Kingston

Located at the junction of Rondout Creek and the Hudson River, Kingston is a historically significant area and preserves structures from the pre-Revolutionary War era.

Real estate is affordable here. The median home value falls well below $200,000.

Commutable proximity to Albany and NYC mean that you can pull down a big income while enjoying tremendous affordability.

Downtown is roughly divided into three primary areas. The Uptown Stockade area, or Stockade District, is historically significant as the first capital of New York State. It still houses many 17th century stone buildings. Midtown is known for early 20th-century industrial spaces and performing arts venues. Downtown was once the village of Rondout and is home to a recently redeveloped waterfront area. There are many art galleries here, as well as the home of the Kingston Jazz Festival.


3. Albany

For a fairly large city with a great social, cultural, and arts scene, Albany is also very affordable. Average home prices here are low—below $175K.

Like many other surrounding areas, Albany is devoted to its arts and culture. It has many historically significant sites in the area. Add to this an emphasis on the outdoors with preservation areas and dozens of walking and bike paths and trails.

As the capital of the state, Albany offers many job opportunities both in state government and in many Fortune 500 companies that have offices here. There is also a large emphasis on the tech sector. Thus, Albany is a desirable area for young workers and their families.

The neighborhoods offer tremendous variety.  There are historically significant areas, gentrified communities, and areas of new construction. There’s truly something for everyone in this large and diverse area.

4. Troy

Nearby Troy is a tight knit community with very affordable homes.

You can take advantage of proximity to many job opportunities in Albany while living a slower-paced and more affordable lifestyle.

Troy is located on the eastern bank of the Hudson River. It’s known as “Collar City” for its history as a center of the textile trade, most notably, shirts and collars.

Troy experienced a decline of its industrial economic base. It then reinvented itself through the development of a small tech sector, particularly emphasizing video game development.

Troy is known as a center for Victorian and Belle Epoque architecture and has preserved many of its older buildings. This has given rise to many architectural, artistic, and creative pockets in the town. Notable areas include cafés and galleries of the River Street “Antique District”. This place also serves as a venue for performances and as a center for the popular Troy Farmer’s Market.

Fun Fact: Troy is home to Samuel Wilson. He’s the model for Uncle Sam; the Uncle Sam Parade is held in his honor each September.

5. Schenectady

Just next door to Troy and about 20 miles from Albany is Schenectady.

Schenectady is a treasure trove of historical landmarks and architecture.  It is New York’s first historic district. And it has the oldest residential community in the country.

It is also home to a vibrant arts and entertainment community that draws many popular shows from its proximity to NYC.

Home values here are lower than anywhere else on this list, with median home values of $116,700. That makes Schenectady an affordable option for almost anyone.

No matter what you’re into—art, architecture, education, sports, or the great outdoor—you can find it in one of these New York cities. And the price point is very attractive, well below many other desirable regions.

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