The Safest US States to Move to

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Recent months have seen some of the worst natural disasters and hurricanes that ever happened in the US and that put the livelihood of hundreds of thousands of Americans at risk. Not surprisingly, more and more people are thinking of moving to a safer place and are actively looking for viable alternatives.


We put together the list of the safest states in the US to move to so you won’t have to search.

1. Vermont

Barnet town, Vermont

As of now, no part of the state is classified as a federal disaster area which makes it a good relocation option. Additionally, the research done a few years back identified Vermont as a state with one of the lowest number of violent crimes. This is partly due to the fact that Vermont has quite a small population and fewer buzzing urban centers.

The snowy northeastern state is also home to breathtaking forest views, historic wooden bridges and great maple syrup companies.

In 2013, Vermont was the 17th US state to decriminalize marijuana use. In 2007 and 2008, Vermont was among the top five safest states for car drivers and motorists.

2. Maine

Lighthouse in Maine

Maine consistently ranks as one of the safest US states to move to. Interestingly, Maine is the country’s easternmost state which, however, does not make it any more prone to natural disasters than other US states.

The global climate change does have its effects on the state. The latter manifest themselves mainly in blizzards and torrential rains. However, Maine has never been the arena to such devastating disasters as the most recent Harvey.

By the way, Maine has the largest forest cover in the US: about 83% of its territory is covered in forests. This creates a better protection and shields against the natural disasters.

3. Maryland

Annapolis Rocks along the train road in Maryland

Despite its proximity to the Atlantic Coast, Maryland is seeing less natural disasters than most other US states. The area of Bethesda, Rockville and Frederick enjoy a particularly beneficial climate and are characterized by a low risk of tornadoes, violent hurricanes and earthquakes.

Other parts of the state do not experience the trials and tribulations of natural disasters either. Its border with North Carolina provides good protection from hurricanes. At worst, the state can get caught on in a few storms that are already much weakened by the time they reach its territory. This makes moving to Maryland a reasonable option, particularly so considering how easy it is to move here.

4. Washington

Fields of green wheat in Eastern Washington

In terms of natural disasters, Washington can be considered  one of the safest places to move to. Occasionally, the state can see summer hurricanes. However, they become quite weak by the time they reach inland territories and cities including Washington, D.C.

The most tangible risk of a natural disaster in Washington is posed by flooding, in particular that caused by larger rivers like the Potomac River. This mainly concerns the inhabitants of northeastern counties of the state.

5. Delaware

Delaware water gap

The climate of Delaware is shaped by the Atlantic coast which takes almost the entire territory of this state. The last natural disaster ranked as the one needing federal help was recorded in 1996.

The worst natural risks Delaware is exposed to include nor’easter, inland flooding and hurricanes. Overall, the state is considered safe to live in so should you consider relocating, you can definitely put it on your list.

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No state or territory can be lucky enough to declare that it is completely safe against natural disasters. These five states, however, do enjoy belonging to the lowest-risk category. If safety against the natural disasters is a priority for you, these are the viable options to consider.

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