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For many people across the world, New York is synonymous with a buzzing metropolis, endless cultural and social opportunities and unique lifestyle. Not surprisingly, lots of people long to become a part of that lifestyle and experience living in one of the world’s most iconic and vibrant cities.

Reasons to Move to NYC

So what exactly makes New York City so appealing to thousands of people flocking to it every year? These are some of the most notable reasons:

  • an amazing public transportation system;
  • walkability;
  • diverse and affordable dining scene;
  • vibrant cultural and art life;
  • great job opportunities for people pursuing careers in media, journalism and art;
  • the status of the NYC inhabitants has long become prestigious and enviable;
  • the feeling of being part of something bigger.

Moving to this amazing city is easy as transportation is well-developed and convenient. Overall, it’s no different than moving elsewhere, with the only difference of being much easier in terms of transport. So nothing will stop you on your way here!


Relocating to New York City with a family

Painting: man buying hot dogs for family in the street of NYC

Most of us are influenced by a common stereotype that NYC is best suited for singletons or people pursuing big careers. But did you know that New York City is also one of the most family-friendly US cities? Let’s see what makes it so.

NYC has excellent public transport

Trying to save? Public transportation in this city works for on-the-go parents better than one can find elsewhere. No need to keep a costly minivan any longer.

Unrivalled world-class museums

What better way to help your kids dream big and grasp the big picture? Show them what science and art really look like in some of the world’s best-known museums that NYC is proud to host.

New York City serves the best food!

New York restaurants and eateries offer great menus for kids that will not break your budget. Your children will love it!

NYC Summer festivals for kids

Even if you cannot arrange your kids’ summertime in the countryside, there’s no reason to fret. Every summer, the NYC Department of Parks and Recreation hosts many events to engage children from families of various social and economic backgrounds.

High-quality medicare

New York City has some of the best medical facilities in the country. Whatever happens to your kids, you will get timely and quality help here.

Lots of great schools in New York City

Parents of all income and social background can choose from a wide range of public and private schools their kids can attend. Most schools offer outstanding extracurricular activities so here’s another chance to help your kid shine.


Cost of Moving to NYC

You can determine the relocation costs by figuring out some of the main price factors:

  • Obviously, the further you have to travel, the more you’ll have to pay;
  • your moving company fee;
  • the range of moving services you order. For example, you may wish to provide your own packing materials (by taking them from local shops) or do the packing on your own;
  • the total weight of your belongings.

It is a great idea to start planning your relocation to the New York City way in advance. This will help you save lots of money as you will have ample opportunities to compare fees and find the most cost-effective solution. provides you with free quotes from the nation’s leading movers which would give you an idea of how much your relocation would cost you.


Best places to relocate to in New York City

Best places to relocate to in New York City

New York is home to some world-famous neighborhoods and offers many localities that provide great living standards.

Prospect Heights

One of the Brooklyn neighborhoods, Prospect Heights is home to a fantastic Prospect Park, Brooklyn Public Library and Barclays Center.

Kips Bay

This historic neighborhood is known to be a quiet and peaceful retreat in the center of a metropolis that rarely sleeps. Local real estate market abounds with micro-apartments which both singletons and families are keen to occupy.


Historically an Italian neighborhood, Nolita is considered to be more affordable than upscale neighborhoods the likes of Soho or Gramercy.

Battery Park City

Battery Park City is probably one of the most family-friendly neighborhoods in NYC. Back in 2001, it experienced the aftermath of gruesome 9/11 attacks but now the old wounds seem to heal and transform the area into a green, well-planned and friendly neighborhood for families and elderly.

Cobble Hill

Another Brooklyn neighborhood, Cobble Hill is enchanting thanks to its old brick buildings, tree-lined streets and a bustling restaurant scene. The area is very popular with families. Proximity to Carroll Park and Brooklyn Bridge Park, playgrounds and local attractions will never leave your kids bored.


A neighborhood in Bronx, Woodlawn is a multinational community of families who love living here because of kid-friendly facilities. Beautiful nature scenery, museums, botanical gardens – all of this makes the area a fascinating place to live in.


Sunnyside does not boast upscale skyscrapers or hip lifestyle but it does offer great schools, more affordable housing, parks and eateries. This Queens neighborhood is popular with families and young people alike.

Lower East Side

Famous for its bustling nightlife, Lower East Side is nevertheless beloved by families as well. It is a stone’s throw away from Chinatown, Little Italy and Soho. Countless parks, playgrounds, sports facilities promote an active lifestyle for residents of all ages. Housing cooperatives make this area a viable option for many families.

Park Slope

It is impossible to talk about the best places to live in NYC without mentioning Park Slope. Another Brooklyn neighborhood, it is frequently ranked as one of the most family-friendly neighborhoods in the city. Proximity to parks, libraries, museums, gardens, playgrounds, eateries and great schools give its residents all they can only wish for.

NYC is a terrific place to live. If you want to become part of this amazing lifestyle, request your free quote from to start planning your relocation budget right now.


Some families, however, choose to relocate to New Jersey while working in New York. Usually to cost of rent being much cheaper and good proximity to NYC.

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