More People Are Fleeing New Jersey: This Is Why and Where to

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For the fifth year in a row, New Jersey is a state people are leaving more than any other place in the US. Such are the findings published by a nationwide moving company, United Van Lines, earlier this year.

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The least popular areas in New Jersey

  1. Newark

Newark is New Jersey’s largest city with a population of over 277,000. Despite the fact that the city offers a lot of blue-collar jobs and even some manufacturing jobs, the median household income is slightly over $26,000 and $30,000 for a family. Apparently, this may be the most important reason people are fleeing the city.

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  1. Cherry Hill

A township in Camden County, Cherry Hill has a population of 70,000. The majority of its inhabitants, however, work elsewhere, for example in Atlantic City, Trenton or New York.

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  1. Toms River

Another township people in New Jersey prefer to abandon is Toms River which has a population of over 90,000. It is actually one of the most populated townships in New Jersey and the median household income is pretty good at almost $55,000.

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  1. Bergen County

Bergen County is the most populated county in New Jersey. It is also quite interesting that the county has no large cities and employment hubs. Nevertheless, it is one of the richest counties in America. The median household income here is about $81,000.

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  1. Princeton

princeton golf fieldPrinceton is a small university town with a world famous Princeton University as its main institution and attraction. In a way, there will always be a large number of people leaving the town since most of its inhabitants are young people and students. Having graduated from the university, people are departing for their new jobs.

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Top 3 states people are relocating to from New Jersey

  1. Florida
Orlando park
A park in Orlando is always inspiring

It should not surprise anyone that people love the idea of moving to Florida from NJ. Florida is a big, diverse and sunny place that accommodates lots of people fond of the hot climate and beautiful beaches. Even frequent hurricanes and lightning do not seem to stop many people from moving from NJ to FL.

The Sunshine State is a paradise for those of us seeking excellent recreational activities and promising housing market. Moreover, Florida imposes zero income tax so people from other states are naturally lured into relocating here.

The nineteen metropolitan areas offer ample career opportunities. The largest of them is Miami metro area. Of course, given the number of entertainment parks and recreational centers, tourism is one of the largest revenue-generating industries for this state. Other notable industries include fishing, agriculture, banking, healthcare and trade. The median household income is $48,800. Education, healthcare and public transportation systems are well-developed.

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  1. California

Golden Gate, San Francisco, CAAnother warm and sunny state, California is an appealing destination for the New Jersey residents. Moving from New Jersey to California is becoming quite a large trend.

Comfortable climate and abundant national parks offer ample opportunities for a healthy work-life balance. San Francisco and Los Angeles, two iconic global cities, are vibrant hubs attracting thousands of people each year, even if the cost of living in San Francisco alone is growing all the time.

The median household income is $63,600. California’s economy is well-developed and diverse. In fact, if presumed it is a country, it would be the sixth largest economy in the world. The biggest sectors are tourism and hospitality, education, transportation and trade, business services and government services. At the same time, agriculture is very important for the state’s economy.

The cultural lifestyle in the state is irresistible which is why moving from NJ to CA is such an appealing option. Avid wine connoisseurs will be fascinated by the Californian wines.

  1. Texas
building close up in Georgetown Texas
Georgetown Texas architecture and tree

An incredibly diverse state, Texas is associated with a wild nature, breathtaking sunsets and courageous people who are able to take their destiny into their own hands. Moving to Texas from NJ is becoming an increasingly popular trend.

The second biggest state in the US, Texas used to be a predominantly agricultural area. Even today, it has the highest number of farms and ranches in the country. Once oil was found in Spindletop, it has become the driving force behind the Texas’ economy. Renewable energy production is also huge given the windy weather nearly every day. The median household income is $56,000.

On top of all this, Texas has zero income tax. Add places like Austin, with its tech jobs, which are evolving into one of the most attractive cities in the US, and you will get a fairly good idea why more people are considering moving from NJ to Texas.

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