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How to choose a household moving company - Infographics is a moving expert that provides personalized services to its clients to meet all of their specific relocation requirements. Having years of experience in the moving industry, we know perfectly well that we won’t ever work with two clients that have the same needs. That’s why we provide personalized moving quotes for each of our customers to take all of their needs and preferences into account.

The criteria of a moving company with an excellent customer service:

  • fair and accurate pricing;
  • license and compliance with the industry standards;
  • insurance;
  • customer recognition and positive word of mouth;
  • a wide range of moving services;
  • outstanding customer support.



Relocation is a challenging experience so be prepared for quite a few last-minute force majeure events. Still, there are things that you just cannot afford to leave to chance and the moving cost is exactly one of them.

To ensure that these costs will not break your budget, some careful planning is needed. The moving company you end up signing with is going to have a profound impact on the total moving costs. When you decide to work with, our team will help you figure out the costs to make your household relocation happen taking into account the entire multitude of services that you will need.

The moving companies we work with pride themselves on offering complete and flexible moving solutions. They provide everything but it is up to clients to choose what kind of help they need. For example, our customers can choose whether they need help with packing and, if yes, what exactly they want their movers to do based on their budget.

Packing solutions

Full Service

The movers we work with will pack every household item that you wish to take to your new place neatly and efficiently. They follow the industry’s guidelines to minimize space and maximize the safety of your belongings during transportation.


Pieces of art, delicate china, musical instruments – our movers have years of experience packing and transporting valuables. You can entrust them with moving your most precious belongings and delivering them to your new place safe and intact.

Do It Yourself

Should you wish to take care of packing on your own, the movers we work with can help you by providing the cardboard materials that will effectively shield your possessions against any damage.

Standard Household Moving Solutions


Movers will load your items onto the moving trucks and deliver them to the new place. Reputable companies can ensure that each item is properly packed and marked before it is loaded onto the truck. Particular items such as upholstery are wrapped into extra-reliable Stretchwrap which effectively protects it against any damage. Additional equipment is used to make sure that the items will not fall down or shift during transportation.


Advanced trucks stay safe on any road at all times. The drivers are trained and licensed to make local, intrastate and long-distance moves. The safety of your belongings is our top concern.


Once at your new place, the mover’s team will unload your belongings and carry them into your home. Following your instructions, they will place them across the rooms. Re-assembling services can also be provided.


Advanced Household Moving Solutions

Unpacking is known for providing with reliable movers with full range of moving services. The movers listed in our directory can help you get used to your new home faster by unpacking all of your belongings. You can also order discarding of the packing materials.


Do you have any electronic devices that you are worried about? The movers we work with provide crates of all sizes including large and extra-large for bulky items.

Moving your transport

Do you own a car or a boat that you would like to move? Companies in our list will professionally handle any moving challenge for our clients.


Settle in your new home effortlessly by ordering the assembly and disassembly of your belongings.

Third party solutions

Need to clean the place or disconnect utilities? We can recommend the best way to get this done quickly.


Our shuttles will deliver your possessions to the hard to reach places or move them out of the narrow areas to the trucks.


Many companies let you store your items for 90 days as part of their in-transit plan or permanently if you need a long-term storage. a Pro in the Moving Industry

You’re welcome to get in touch with any questions via 1-800-960-4060 (toll-free), 24/7. We would love to hear from you and help you with any of your moving needs! It will work better if you fill in the form above – you’ll get a first offer to your email within 5 minutes only!


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