Best Places to Relocate: New Jersey

New Jersey, or the Garden State, is an excellent place to live, and the state is seeing more and more residents relocating here in the recent years. Indeed, the benefits of living in New Jersey are big and many and you should definitely consider it as a viable option if you are looking for a new … [Read more...]

Quotes about Moving to a New Place

Long Distance Moving created this list of the best quotes about moving. (For moving company quotes <- click this link). We'll be adding 1 quote each week. Follow us in the Social Media to keep track! Follow Long Distance Moving in: Facebook Twitter Google+ You can also pin every … [Read more...]

Do You Need a Nationwide Moving Company or Local Movers?

When thinking of hiring a moving company, the question pops up sooner or later: should I hire a large nationwide company or a small local moving agency? Both have their strong and weak points to consider. We put together some interesting perspectives you should study before making your long distance … [Read more...]

How to Choose a Long Distance Moving Company

If you are worrying sick about how to ship and deliver your possessions to your new place, the time has come to find reputable long distance movers. And that appears to be a much more difficult undertaking than it might seem.   We know that choosing a long distance moving company is a … [Read more...]

How to Estimate Your Average Long Distance Moving Costs

Relocating to a new place is both challenging and exciting experience. For one thing, anything you fail to plan in advance can eventually turn into a costly mistake. For another, positive attitude and meticulous planning can help you maintain your sanity and get ready to your big move in … [Read more...]

A 7-Step Guide to Moving Out of State

Moving out of state is one of those lifetime experiences that depend on your attitude: you either choose to be positive about it and plan things in advance to avoid stress, or leave everything to chance and dwell on it for months. How to Move out of State Carefully planning your state move can … [Read more...]

Best Places to Relocate: Virginia

As part of our series on Best Places to Relocate, Virginia is one of the places for lovers of life, light, and vibrancy. Their tourism slogan accurately says it all but there are still concrete things to know before actually moving. Moving to Virginia is a very exciting prospect. But your … [Read more...]